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American Communications Corp
American Communications Corporation provides quality network and data cabling services for San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles.
Initially, the motivation for using APC's products was to protect the hardware itself. As more and more data was passed across networks, our customers began recognizing the importance and value of the data on their servers and PCs; they quickly began protecting this data as well. As the value of data grew exponentially, the importance of protecting the availability of the network reached critical mass. A growing number of customers cannot tolerate any downtime in their networks. In the last few years, the value of the data being created, transferred and stored has continued to multiply. Not only is the quantity of data increasing, but E-commerce applications are literally transferring, processing and storing money on the servers we protect. As a result, highly reliable solutions like our Power Array technology are being adopted by industry-leading global enterprises to ensure E-commerce delivers on its promise.
Blue Ridge Networks
Powerful wireless network security solutions for your VPN and wireless network security, featuring BorderGuard VPN security solutions from Blue Ridge Networks.
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