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 Heathkit was the pinnacle of kit manufacturers

 05-02-2018 A new kit has been added to their line up, the GC-1006 a digital clock kit with a solid case - cost is $99.95.

 04-02-2018 They have added a "T" shirt and a book, otherwise not much change.

 03-02-2018 Their site is up and shows same items for sale.

 02-02-2018 Looks like there site is still down, major problems.??

 01-02-2018 Went to visit their site it was down. Been down a couple of days.

 12-02-2017 They have another new kit the GC-1006 clock kit, it costs $99.95.

 11-02-2017 They may have more kits on the drawing board but it will probably be some time before we see them.

 10-02-2017 Looks like this latest kit will be it for awhile.

 09-02-2017 A new kit, the HM-1002 rf power monitor. Available late summer 2017. Cost $575.00.

 08-02-2017 And again no real change.

 07-02-2017 Once again no real change.

 06-02-2017 No change since last month.

 05-02-2017 They have made no more advancement in the new kit area. I suspect it will be some time before we see a new kit from them, I hope I'm wrong.

 04-02-2017 We are hopeful, that something new is in the works.

 03-02-2016 One new vintage item for sale and that is it.

 02-02-2016 The new AM receiver kit with a price tag of $149.00 is a bit pricey for the beginner. I don't see to many experienced kit builders paying that for a kit of this caliber.

 01-02-2016 Nothing new to report.

 12-02-2015 The only thing new is, they are offering an AM TRF receiver kit. I will hold off commenting on the kit until I have actually seen the kit as you would receive it when purchased. The cost is $149.00, which I thought was high for a beginner level kit but maybe it will be worth it??

 11-02-2015 They have made several changes to their site but you can get Sever Error from a number of links.
The Contact Us email seems to be working now but a response may take some time. They have added a Heathkit Manuals page, where you can purchase a manual, only 22 manuals though. There is a shopping page on their site now, nothing great yet. The Heathkit Ebay site remains pretty much the same. New Heathkit products, No.

10-02-2015 Once again, a month has passed, lets see what they are up to?
Checking their website, Contact us is still non-functional. In products, they have added Android Apps, that's it. Now checking their eBay Store, just a few parts and one refurbished kit.

09-02-2015 One month later and still showing the same details. It will be interesting to see when they actually have a kit of their own for sale. Hopefully it won't be in the ho-hum category, something that is already out in kit form. Heathkit's first kit was a solid kit, an oscilloscope not a pcb with a few LEDs.

08-02-2015 Once again, checking their sites, you will find a few parts, no kits, one or two built kits and no new products or kits!

 07-02-2015 Once again nothing new to report since last month.

 06-02-2015 Checking their sites, you will find a few parts, no kits, one or two used kits and no new products or kits!

   HEATHKIT, the company is owned by a new group and they are making a major effort to bring the company back to the electronic kit business. The process is a slow one, once you leave a market it takes a considerable amount of time and money to get back in and up and running.

They have had surveys and emails, a contest, plus a special interest group. All of this to see how much interest is out there, what that interest is and to see what the competition will be.

I know from experience that Heathkit was the pinnacle of kit manufacturers, I built quite a few big and small. Trying other kit companies kits, Heathkit never dropped from number one. I hope they make it back and with some great kits, I miss building them.

In my opinion, it was completely the fault of very poor management, they were trying to prop up their faltering educational systems with the kit business resources. The result was inevitable, the kit business disappeared and not to long to be followed by the educational systems. If they would have had the right person in charge of the educational systems and management with far more vision Heathkit may have not gone down.

We will keep you informed as to their progress.......




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